“New” media isn’t all that new to us. We’ve been online for twenty one years and doing Internet campaigns since 1995.  Of course, at that time the Internet was six guys playing Doom, but the fundamentals haven’t changed much, only the games. Today they have names like Angry Birds, Farmville, Cut the Rope, and Fruit Ninja.

The principles of networked communities predate the Internet by about 6,000 years, however. Back then it was getting together around the watering hole to discuss the real-life farmville; discussions focused less on Lindsay Lohan and more on how to not starve.

Today we congregate on Facebook for more than 7 hours a month, share songs on Spotify, pin cat pictures to Pinterest, and share news of the day via Twitter.

While the technology has changed, telling a compelling story has remained largely the same since the earliest cave paintings.

Helping you tell your story is what we do.  While using that story to attract supporters and attract a movement, we can leverage all the latest technologies, or build you completely new ones – from development of web properties to creation of mobile apps and management of large online communities.