What Amazon’s “The Boys” Can Teach Us About The Future

If you haven’t yet watched Amazon’s new superhero series “The Boys”, it’s definitely worth a watch simply for what it can tell us about the future. Granted, we’re likely not soon to be inundated with super heroes in every town, but the marketing of those heroes on the show is pretty insightful. read more →

A Simple Rule to Guide Your Web Strategy

We often get requests to build cumbersome processes all in the name of ‘making sure our visitors give us all the information we need.’ These take the form of exceptionally long forms with a large number of required fields, jumps out to secondary forms that need to be completed before the initial form is filled.. read more →

Trying To Do Social Right… By Insulting Your Product?

So this company called Firebox makes a game called Bite the Bullet which consists of twelve chocolate “bullets” – one containing a very hot pepper.  You play a Russian Roulette type game where each person eats a chocolate and one gets the very hot surprise.  Their website allows customers to comment on the product, and the.. read more →

Why Corporate Culture Matters

I was reminded again this weekend why corporate culture is so important to branding and reputation management in the digital age. While searching for a pair of snowboard boots, I was cruising through many of the big shoe retailers.  Zappos, for instance, had what appeared to be a good boot, but their listing had no.. read more →

What Do Jeeps and Web Design Have In Common?

If you know me, you know my love of Jeeps. I currently own my third Jeep, but have driven SUVs (including two Amigos and an Xterra) for most of my life. Outside of good communication tactics, there is precious little I enjoy more. As I was writing yesterday’s post on our new look and feel,.. read more →

New Year, New Look. Making Your CMS Work For You

Your website probably gets more traffic than your office. All day, every day, your website is the calling card people will find when they go looking for you. Yet many organizations fail to invest in routine upkeep. Think about it. Would you fire the cleaning crew, let your carpet go with a good cleaning, and.. read more →

Public Knowledge Building Consensus for Copyright Reform

Public Knowledge is a group I have worked against for some time in the telecom space. They are, to be sure, far less radical than their cousins at Free Press, but their approach to much of telecom policy seems misguided. I must give credit where it is due, however, and acknowledge their work on copyright reform… read more →

A Little About Me

We’ve started this company to focus on public policy and issue advocacy campaigns that are a little different. We named the company Opinion Movers because we want to return to the political discussions and debates that excite us. We want to build campaigns that educate, inform, and motivate. read more →