How We Move

Building a campaign requires an understanding of the goals and objectives of the organization. But just as importantly, it requires understanding the perceptions and potential objections of those with whom you want to communicate.

The first step in our consultative campaign process is to conduct a thorough assessment of the stakeholder community – whether your audience is online or off.  Depending on the project, this can be anything from opinion research and polling to interviews with those on the ground, closest to the project.

Once complete, we provide you with analysis of both the potential benefits as well as the possible pitfalls you may face, and recommendations for the best way to avoid the latter.  This strategic plan will be your guide to the project outcomes and spells out your path forward.

That plan will guide you, but you don’t come to us just for the strategy.  What you are looking for is the outcome. Once your plan is assembled, we’ll walk with you down the path – executing as much or as little of that plan as you see fit.

We recognize that you have talented people working for you, and we’re not here to replace them. We’ll augment your team and provide guidance and counsel to you and them. If you need more, we’re happy to provide it.

Together we’ll build the foundation not just for a victory, but for a solid base of support that will last well beyond the lifecycle of the campaign.