Public Affairs

Making sure your voice is heard by legislators, regulators and elected officials can be a challenge.

The big win is achieved by doing all the little things right.

One of the most overlooked tools in the realm of lobbying and government relations is community support.  Yet many initiatives are left in ruins because of an ill-advised rollout that failed to garner public support.

Identifying the constituencies that will be key to your success is part art, and part science.  Knowing what factors will motivate a third party group for or against you is critical.  Working to mobilize or neutralize them beforehand will be important to your success.

Every challenge requires the identification of supporters, opponents, and those in the middle. If your government affairs program doesn’t include methods to win these critical groups and grow your base of support, you may be missing crucial opportunities to succeed.

We make your case to opinion leaders, elected officials, regulatory agencies, the media, and your local stakeholders.

We identify your goals and potential obstacles to your success and develop strategies and tactics to move you forward. We don’t rely on one or two well placed opinion pieces, we build solid communities to support you. We bring people to your side.